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NEW Ozone Room Sterilization Unit

Quick Overview

Ozone is the fastest-acting oxidising disinfectant and the most effi cient broad-spectrum,
microbiological control agent commercially available.
Being highly reactive and completely non-discriminating, it immediately starts oxidising anything it comes in contact with.
This makes ozone a very powerful bactericide agent.
Unlike any other oxidising agent, ozone decomposes into environmentally friendly oxygen, leaving no toxic residues.

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Where to use the Ozone Room Sterilisation Unit? › Disinfect air in operating rooms, doctors’ offi ces, and healthcare facilities › Deodorise clothing and fabrics from smoke or pet smells › Kill bacteria on food and food packaging areas › Remove mold spores and yeast from the air for food processing › Kill insects in storage areas

Additional Information

Part Number 426144
Revision 001
Year Made 2020
Net Weight of Part 10